Counter Assault Bear Deterrent 10.2 oz

Counter Assault Bear Deterrent 10.2 oz

Counter Assault
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- 10.2 oz Counter Assault Bear Deterrent

DIMENSIONS 8.5 X 2.25 X 2.25 IN

Hottest formula allowed by EPA at 2% capsaicin. Longest spray time and spray distance of 7.2 seconds; 30 ft. for 8.1 oz. And 9.2 seconds; 32 ft for 10.2 oz. Glow-in-the-dark safety tie.

32 feet spray distance – 9 seconds spray duration

Why Spray Time Is Important:
- If theres more than one bear, such as mother and cubs, each may be charging from different directions
- Wind, rain, and cold weather
- More than one charge from same bear
- More than one encounter
- Reserve spray for hiking out
- More than one bear at a freshkill site

Recipient of the 1998 Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Stewardship Award for Research and Development of Bear Pepper Spray