JKU 6in Elite LCG Long Flexarm Suspension System w- 9550 Shocks - Teraflex

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- 2007 to 2016 JK Wrangler Unlimited, and Rubicon Unlimited (4-door models)
- Designed to fit up to 38in tires (aftermarket wheels with 4.5in backspacing
or less is required).
- Note: Driveline modifications are required on all JK Wranglers & Unlimiteds with this
suspension system.
- 2012+ JKs require exhaust spacers (#2610000) or other exhaust
modification for proper driveline clearance.

The TeraFlex JK 6in Elite LCG long flexarm system is the ultimate in both style and
performance. Long-term testing yielded intense, inclusive, detailed suspension
geometry engineering and development, to provide optimal handling and
performance. Some major suspension areas that were addressed include: Antidive
for proper front braking, Anti-squat for proper power to wheels suspension
movement, and several improvements to the front and rear roll centers.
The Elite LCG features adjustable suspension tuning, and is accomplished through
fully adjustable upper and lower long flexarms that allow pinion, caster, anti-squat,
and tire position configurations to be modified.

The core of the Elite LCG long flexarm kit is found in the heavy duty bracketry—
precision CNC cut and formed from ¼in steel plate with fully gusseted and reinforced
welds. The simple design is incorporated flawlessly with the frame and provides
OE streamlined styling. Simple, straight forward installation is handled with frame
locating holes in all bracketry prior to stitch-welding the brackets in their permanent
location. Lower flexarms feature 2in OD x .281 wall DOM with fully welded heavy
duty bushing eyelets for superior rigidity and durability against the rocks.
This kit is designed to fit up to 38in tires (aftermarket wheels with 4.5in backspacing
or less is required).