JK - 3in Outback Suspension System - No Shocks


JK - 3in Outback Suspension System - No Shocks

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- 2007 to 2016 Wrangler and Rubicon (2 door models)
- Note: Driveline modifications are recommended with this suspension system. Because of the
load enhanced spring rate, this kit is designed specifically for ‘heavy loaded’ Jeeps. A firmer
ride will be experienced with an empty payload.

The TeraFlex outback suspension system is designed as a complete suspension
system exclusively for expedition style overland travel. This system incorporates
custom load enhanced heavy-duty spring rate coils to meet the performance
demands of a fully loaded Jeep and maintain the lift height.
Suspension limiting straps prevent any potential damage to drivetrain or
suspension by maximizing down travel safely. Additional details are addressed
such as critical gusseting, bracing and other bracketry to beef up areas that are
prone to damage and fatigue typically experienced with extended overland trips.
When combined with Fox long travel shocks, superior performance is achieved.