Slant Tire Carrier Kit

Slant Tire Carrier Kit

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- XRC/SRC Gen2 Tire Carrier or Pivot HD Tire Carrier

Designed for XRC Gen2 optional tire carrier part# 76857
Designed for SRC Gen2 Pivot HD oversize tire carrier part# 2843

Spare tire carriers in their conventional, upright positions are a necessity for every Jeeper, whether on the road or o . But when the terrain gets extreme and your standard hard top comes o , the Slant Back Tire Carrier Kit allows you to move your spare tire into an aggressive, 45 degree pre-runner position. Spare tires mounted with the slant do not interfere with Smittybilt?s Cargo Restraint System (C.RES) or JK Bowless Tops.

- Manufactured from 3/16 inch cold-rolled steel
- Two-stage matte black finish
- Features Rotopax gas/water can mount and off-road jack mount
- Acccomodtes up to 37" tire
- Works with our Smittybilt Bowless Tops
- Can be converted between a straight and slant configuration