LJ 3.5 X-Factor Short Arm

LJ 3.5 X-Factor Short Arm

Rock Krawler Suspension
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- 2004 to 2006 Jeep LJ Wrangler Unlimited and Rubicon Unlimited

Our 3.5 X-Factor System has all of the benefits of our Flex System but includes upper and lower control arms, front and rear. Our 3.5 systems allow you to run up to 33" tires and offers the ultimate adjustability. The system includes sport tuned triple rate coil springs front and rear for a excellent on road ride. Double adjustable lower control arms with a Monster Krawler Joint at the axle connection to allow a huge amount of flex and our vibration isolating Pro Flex joint at the frame. Front adjustable sway bar disconnects improve the off-road ability even further. Front extended stainless steel brake lines allow for greater axle travel and also firm up the brake system. The rear track bar bracket, which is made from a durable 3/16" thick laser cut steel, helps you easily recenter the rear axle. This is the most versatile system on the market today for the Wrangler LJ owner wanting to run 33" tall tires and improve off-road ability.

System Benefits:
Excellent Highway Ride and Handling
Improved Off-Road Ability
Complete Bolt In System
Allows for 33" Tires
Double Adjustable Front Lower Control Arms
Front Quick Sway Bar Disconnects
Front Long Travel Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
T Case Drop Kit for Drive Line Angle Correction
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Upgradeable to Any Other System

System Includes:
(4) Sport tuned coil springs
(1) Front high misalignment/adjustable track bar
(4) Adjustable lower control arms
(4) Double adjustable upper control arms
(2) Adjustable front sway bar quick disconnects
(2) Front sway bar link straps
(2) Front long travel stainless steel brake lines
(1) Rear track bar relocation bracket
(2) Rear extended sway bar links
* Includes all hardware and detailed instructions.

* Requires a transfer case drop kit, or a C.V. Driveshaft Conversion, or a SYE with C.V. Driveshaft Conversion

** Choose your bump stop lengths after you choose your wheel/tire and fender combination.

*** Typical wheel fitment for a 12.5 wide tire is a 15 x 8 with 3 3/4" of back spacing.

Base System - No Shocks or Bump Stops


OEM Fenders Up to 33" Tires
Flat Fenders Up to 35" Tires

RRD Race Shocks

Front: RRD02050
Rear: RRD02051
Requires 3" bump stops front and rear

Front: RRD02050RR
Rear: RRD02051RRD, RRD02051RRP
Requires 3" bump stops front and rear

Bilstein 5100 shocks:
Front: 24-187190 2in bump stop
Rear: 33-185934 2in bump stop


Generic Front Shock
Recommendation with 2" bump stops - 17" Collapsed to 27" Extended

Generic Rear Shock
Recommendation with 2 " bump stops - 16" Collapsed to 26" Extended

We Recommend the use of both: