JKU 5.5in Rock Racer Suspension System

JKU 5.5in Rock Racer Suspension System

Rock Krawler Suspension
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- 2007 to 2016 JK Wrangler Unlimited and Rubicon Unlimited (4-door models)

The Rock Krawler development team decided to design an off the shelf system for the JK Wrangler, tough enough to pre-run the toughest Off-Road races or help you build the baddest mall krawler on the planet, a suspension system that performs flawlessly off road without sacrificing on road handling. The Rock Racer system was designed for speed. Both the bypass and coil-over shocks feature a remote reservoirs to minimize fade & maximize shock travel. The coil overs are a true dual rate setup with transition rings for height and cross over adjustment. The 3 tube bypass shocks are externally adjustable with (1) compression, (1) rebound and (1) free bleed lead screw. You can dial in the stance, ride, handling and performance you desire with simple adjustments.

System Benefits:
- JK High Steer Upgrade (Track Bar Drop Bracket & Drag Link)
- Fabbed front Lower Control Arms
- Front coil over/bypass shock assembly
- Independent 3 Link Front Conversion
- Fabbed trailing arm mounted rear coil over/bypass shock assembly
- A reverse triangulated rear 3 link design that works with the factory fuel system & eliminates - the need for a rear track bar.
- 14in+ Full Axle Travel Front and Rear
- ~120in wheel base (3in rear stretch & 1in Front Stretch)
- Adjustable Rear Anti-Squat
- The Completely adjustable shock tuning Front & Rear
- Allows for 38in to 40in Tires
- Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts

The Rock Racer system transforms your JK into an off-road beast. Be sure read the Notes regarding this system to ensure you are ready to meet all the vehicle specific requirements for installation. This system is listed in our 5.5in segment for ease of listing. Typical lift heights are from 4.5in to 5.5in.

System Includes:
(2) 12in Travel Tuned 2.625 RRD Racing Remote Reservoir Coil Over Front Shocks
(2) 12in Travel Tuneable 2.625 RRD Racing Remote Reservoir 3 Tube Bypass Front Shocks
(2) 8in Travel Tuned 2.625 RRD Racing Remote Reservoir Coil Over Rear Shocks (Trailing Arm Mounted)
(2) 10in Travel Tuneable 2.625 RRD Racing Remote Reservoir 3 Tube Bypass Rear Shocks (Trailing Arm Mounted)
(4) Weld-on Upper Coil Over/Bypass Mounts
(4) Weld-on Lower Coil Over/Bypass Mounts
(6) Remote Reservoir Mounts
(2) Fabbed Front Lower Control Arms
(1) In Vehicle Adjustable Front Upper Control Arm
(1) Front Upper Long Arm Mounting Bracket Kit
(1) Front Double Adjustable Track Bar
(1) Front Track Bar Relocation Bracket
(1) Pro Series Drag Link
(2) Rear Fabbed Trailing Arms
(1) Fabbed Reverse Triangulated Rear Upper Wishbone
(2) Weld-on Rear Axle Wishbone mounts
(2) Front Adjustable Sway Bar Quick Disconnects
(2) Sway Bar Link Retaining Straps
(2) Front and Rear Long Travel Stainless Steel Brake Lines
*All Hardware & Instructions
** 67.75 WMS & 3.5in Backspaced Wheels or 69.75 WMS & 4.5in Backspaced Wheels. Low Pinion Rear Axles are a Requirement.

- Must have front and rear axles with WMS of 67 3/4in with 3.5in back spaced wheels or functional equivalents
- Must have a low pinion rear axle (fabbed 9's are excellent choices)
- Removal of the OEM lower control arm mounts front and rear is required.
- Removal of the front upper control arm mount on the driver side is required.
- Removal of the coil spring and shock mounts off the frame are required.
- Removal of the OEM lower shock mount off the axle is required.
- Remove of the coil spring mounts off the axle is required.
- Major exhaust rerouting required.
- Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up.
- Rear stretch corners required to accommodate 6in rear stretch
- Knowledge of suspension setups and welding skills are required
- Knowledge of suspension tuning is highly recommended
- Recommend adding a Currie Anti Rock long travel rear sway bar assembly.
- Fabbing in bump stops is required so you do not bend the rear upper link around the cross member or shove the rear upper axle mounts through the floor. Air bumps are preferred.