LJ 5.5in Extreme-Duty Long Arm Lift Kit with Rear Track Bar - No Shocks

LJ 5.5in Extreme-Duty Long Arm Lift Kit with Rear Track Bar - No Shocks

Rubicon Express
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- 2004 to 2006 Jeep LJ Wrangler Unlimited and Rubicon Unlimited
- Vehicle will require alignment after kit is installed.
- TJ must use with SYE kit and C/V drive shaft. LJ may use RE2100 t case drop.
- Exhaust modifications required.
- 03-06 TJ automatic transmission skid plate removal required.
- System is not recommended to be combined with body lifts over 1in tall.

- Chromoly long arms
- New PT-Meg Super-Ride bushings, Designed for on and off-road performance
- Adjustable control arms with serviceable Super-Flex spherical ball joints
- Includes tuned lift spings

Rubicon Express was the first to comercially offer a long arm suspension system for the Jeep TJ; this same industry leading design is available for the Wrangler Unlimited LJ.Our LJ Extreme-Duty Long Arm System is designed to be a complete suspension replacement, which utilizes longer control arms to improve lifted suspension geometry. This system will offer you superior stability on and off road, reduced torque roll, and enhanced trail traction over standard short arm lift systems. The Rubicon Extreme-Duty Long Arm suspension system includes a three-piece belly pan for easy transfer case and transmission access. Our LJ Extreme-Duty Long Arm suspension System is the best performing and most technologically advanced system of its kind; there is no better long arm suspension system available for your LJ. The first and still the best.

All ride height increases are approximate and will vary due to vehicle specification (Engine size, factory options, trail equipment, etc).

Parts Included:
(1) RE1142 Gen2 Sway Bar Disconnects TJ 4.5in-7.5in/ XJ/ZJ 5.5in-7.5in
(1) RE1156 Sway Bar End Links Rear TJ 5.5in+
(1) RE1352 Coil Springs Front TJ 5.5in/Pair
(1) RE1353 Coil Springs Rear TJ 5.5in/Pair
(1) RE1383 Bump Stop Lower Front/ Rear TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ 3.0in/Pair
(1) RE1385 Bump Stop Upper Rear TJ/LJ 2.0in/Pair
(1) RE1395 Bump Stop Upper Front/Rear TJ 2.0in+/Pair
(1) RE1517 Stainless Steel 24in Rear Brake Line TJ/LJ
(1) RE1550 Stainless Steel 22in Front Brake Line Set TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ/CJ 82-86
(1) RE1602 Track Bar Bracket Rear TJ W/Cv Driveshaft 3.0in-5.5
(1) RE1610 Track Bar Adjustable Extreme-Duty Front TJ/LJ 4.5in-7.5
(1) RE1611 Track Bar Bracket Front TJ/LJ 4.5in-7.5
(1) RE1620 Track Bar Adjustable Rear TJ/LJ 3.5in+
(1) RE2035 Shock Mounts Weld-On Drop Position TJ
(1) RE2500 Pitman Arm YJ/TJ/LJ/XJ W/Power Steering 3.5in+
(1) RE4000 Control Arm Front Adjustable Lower Left Extreme-Duty/ Single
(1) RE4010 Control Arm Front Adjustable Lower Right Extreme-Duty/ Single
(1) RE4020 Control Arm Front Adjustable Upper Extreme-Duty TJ/LJ/XJ/MJ/ZJ/ Pair
(1) RE4050 Control Arm Rear Adjustable Lower Extreme-Duty LJ/ Pair
(1) RE4060 Control Arm Rear Adjustable Upper Extreme-Duty LJ/ Pair
(1) RE4200 Crossmember Extreme-Duty TJ 03-06/ 1 Of 2
(1) RE4202 Crossmember Extreme-Duty TJ 03-06