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Off-Road Spare Tire Trash Bag (CTPGEN2_TAN)

Off-Road Spare Tire Trash Bag (CTPGEN2_TAN)

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There is not a single one of us against the inTread Lightlyin philosophy, and many of us pack up our own trash.But how many of us pick up trash when we see it? Or, how often do we end up with some nasty burrito or sandwich wrapper in the Jeep and end up smelling it for the rest of the trip? Trash should be kept outside where we can not smell it, or drip on interior parts.There should be more than enough room in a trash bag for what you bring and what ever you might find and want to pick up on the trail.The hassle of hanging a X-gallon hefty bag off the back of your Jeep that doesn't work well, one bump and its gone. Or, the old style canvas bags that many of us are fond of flop around damaging paint, and sometimes dropping more trash then they hold. The solution to all these problems is....TRASHAROO

50lbs weight limit
High quality 900 denier canvas
Water resistant interior coating
Double stitched buckles and straps

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