RoughRider Spare Tire Organizer for 30in to 33in Tires

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That spare tire needs to do more than just sit there doing nothing. The Spare Tire Organizer makes it happen with storage pockets galore. It's great for storing winching gear, tools, extra water, trail towels, flares - you name it, the Spare Tire Organizer is a spare tire's best friend.

- Fits 30" to 33" diameter spare tire
- Most versatile fabric exterior storage solution for your spare tire ever invented
- Two top-side storage pockets (10” long x 8” width x 4” deep)
- Two hard-side storage pockets (11” long x 10” wide x 6.5” deep) on each side
- One longer horizontal pocket (21” long x 4” wide x 4”high)
- High-quality straps and buckles for durability
- Any or all storage pockets are removable; just slide them out
- Secure installation with rear buckle strap and tire buckle strap; pockets have snap attachment
- Marine grade thread and UV-resistant fabric