Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

Hands Free Leash

If you've never used a hands free leash with your dog, you don't know what you are missing! Originally designed for and used by mushers to safely handle multiple dogs on a sled team on the trail, the Urban Trail® Hands Free Belt and Jogger's Leash Combo makes running or walking with your dog simpler, more comfortable, more secure, and safe. These leashes make a great gift for the runner, hiker, or dog lover in your life.  Theres also a secondary traffic handle that puts you close to your dog for extra control when necessary. Once you use one of these leashes you won't want to go back to ordinary leashes.

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Winter Coat

 Huskies may love the snow and cold, but not all dogs are as well equipped for winter weather. A dog coat inner lined with Blackshark Technology Fabric will keep your canine companions warm and dry this winter. It's lightweight, waterproof, windproof, snow proof, breathable, cold-repellent, impermeable and tear resistant.

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Travel Dog Bed

It's not always easy to find a dry spot for Fido to relax while exploring the great outdoors. A travel dog bed will keep them off the ground, warm, and more importantly, off your sleeping bag or lap, keeping you dry as well.

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Helios Dog Bed with Blackshark Technology


Doggie Seat Belt/Harness

Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 auto accidents each year. With a seat belt restraint/harness, no longer will you have to worry about your dog jumping out of an open car door or window. In the event of a minor accident, the majority of force of a sudden jolt will center on your dog's chest, not their neck. Minimize distractions and increase protection for both owners and their pet!

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