ARB Flat Roof Racks

Featuring a fully welded rack assembly, ARB Flat Racks provide the same reliable strength and robustness of the ARB Roof Rack range, enhanced with the added practicality of a flat platform. Available in alloy (featuring Amplimesh® mesh floor) or steel (with crossbars only), fitment of the ARB Flat Rack is interchangeable for any application that takes an existing ARB Roof Rack with the same dimensions.



Size Flat - Steel Flat - Alloy
53x49 3800180
70x44 3813030 4913020M
70x44 3813030KJL 4913020MKJL
73x44 3800190
73x49 3800220
87x44 3800230 4900070M
87x49 3800240 4900060M


  • Available in either steel or alloy
  • Fitment interchangeable for any application that takes an existing ARB Roof Rack with the same dimensions;
  • Alloy flat racks feature Amplimesh® mesh floors as standard
  • Steel flat racks available with cross bars only
  • Both alloy and steel flat racks are rated to a 330lbs load (subject to vehicle manufacturer’s maximum load rating)
  • Zinc rich primer for additional corrosion resistance (steel racks)
  • Finished in millenium powder coat

Secure Storage

Top rail sits well above rack floor to ensure a secure load and is constructed from tough 25mm tube while the bottom rail utilizes 35mm tubing.

Steel Specific (Steel Models)

Evenly spaced crossbars support the load, which is rated to carry up to 150kg with the additional upgrade option of a fully welded steel mesh floor. MIG welding is used on the joins to ensure the optimum strength of each rack.

Aluminium Specific (Aluminum Models)

An Amplimesh® alloy mesh floor comes standard on the Aluminum Series, which is used to ensure the optimum strength of each rack. ARB’s Alloy Racks utilize quality aluminum, making them 40% lighter than ARB’s Steel Roof Racks. A combination of TIG and the acclaimed CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) revolutionary welding process is used to ensure optimum strength of each rack.

Superior Mandrel Bending

Rails are bent with a mandrel bender, ensuring consistency and even wall thickness across all sections.

Deflector Plate

Air deflector plate significantly reduces wind noise.

Adjustable Feet and Legs

Pressed steel feet and legs are height and width adjustable, allowing multi-vehicle installations.

Steel Support Channel

Full length, zinc annealed steel support channel with plastic protection strip to distribute load along the gutter and prevent vehicle damage.

Drainage Channel

Precision cut drainage channel, specifically designed to reduce build up of dirt and accumulation of moisture.