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Detroit Gambler 2019

This years Detroit Gambler 500 was full of excitement, and we were there to get all the details. The 96 Buick Roadmaster Wagon we had planned on running wasn't ready in time (sometimes when you gamble, you lose!), and we ended up taking the Tundra again this year. While it may be overpriced for the event, we did help out a lot of other vehicles and get some great pictures.  We'll be sure to have the wagon ready for next year. You can view the 2019 gallery below. Check back for more details on the vehicles running this year, and the scoop on the big scare (no one was seriously injured). 2019 Image Gallery    

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Easy Sleeping Platform for Truck Bed

 We built this sleeping platform for a Toyota Tundra with a camper shell and bed liner in around 4 hours with minimal tools and cost. We repurposed plywood from some old shelves and purchased one 16 ft. 2x4.     The 2x4 was cut into several pieces to make 3 supports for the platform using the smaller pieces as spacers to raise the platform to the desired height.    Because the plywood used was only 1/2" thick, we doubled it up and screwed it together. 5/8" would have been ideal, but 1/2" was all we had available.    The plywood was cut at the corners to fit snugly into the bed of the truck.  If its not a tight fit, your car keys,...

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Detroit Gambler 500

2018 Detroit  Gambler gallery 2019 Detroit Gamble gallery Have you ever wanted to drive a $500 car 500 miles? What if that 500 miles was from the Detroit suburbs through abandoned automobile factories and dystopian city neighborhoods then north several hours to off-road in the forests of northern Michigan?    Created by Detroit entrepreneur and philanthropist Tom Nardone, the Gambler 500 is a race as unconventional as its creator. Nardone, also the creator of the Detroit Lawnmower Gang showed up in a Mustang GT with large off-road tires and a spare strapped to the roof.    A $500 price for the car is merely a target, most have much more invested, some in modifications to help the car perform in...

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Camping with Small Children

Before we had our son, my husband and I camped all the time, often times deciding to go and packing the night before we left.  Our adventures these days require much more planning, and significantly more supplies. Here are some things we find helpful when camping with our son.  1.  TAKE THE PACK N PLAY I know its big.  I know its bulky.  But trust me, you want to take the pack n play.  There are goingto be be times when you need both hands free, to set up the tent, to cook, to build a fire, and you are going to need to set your child down somewhere safe. Someplace where he/she wont end up putting rocks in their mouth, or crawling...

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Proof Dirt Don't Hurt!

Outdoor enthusiasts have long known that a weekend in the woods relieves anxiety and lifts the mood, and now there’s scientific evidence to back it up. University of Colorado Boulder has released a study showing injections of the soil bacterium Mycobacterium vaccae not only made mice more resilient to stress, but also reduced system wide inflammation.  The study has been found to be one of the “top ten advancements and breakthroughs” of 2016.  There have also been previous studies showing that M. vaccae increases serotonin in the prefrontal cortex, which modulates anxiety. Researches suspect the “hygiene hypothesis” is at play. The theory suggests that modern sanitizers, use of antibiotics, and dietary factors have reduced exposure to these types of bacteria,...

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